Friday, February 14, 2014

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Snow day again!  We've had more snow in the past two days than we've had in the past few years combined.

On Wednesday we went sledding, with much more success than the last time it snowed.

We had great fun, but were all completely frozen by the time we got back.  Yesterday, Violette and I headed over to Nana's house (as it's just across the street, we can easily walk there) to make strawberry scones and delicious chocolate bark full of nuts and fruit and coconut and other yummy goodness.

Nana's house.  (Also, Papa is a mechanic, which is why there are so many cars everywhere.)
Me trying my hand at some artsy photography.

More attempts to be artsy.

Today we went back over to Nana's to finish up the chocolate bark and parcel it out into Valentines for everyone.  Sadly, all the snow has started melting and turning to slush, making the walk over today much less pretty than yesterday.  It's actually pretty warm out today.  I'm not really a fan of warm.

The weather recently, while fun, did mean that the Model UN conference I've been looking forward to got cancelled.  No school, but no conference either.  Boo.  Instead I've been watching Psych and knitting (in addition to my sledding adventures and baking fun).

I wish the snow had lasted longer.  Oh well.  On Sunday we'll be heading down to see Sarah for a very late Christmas celebration with my Aunt and Uncle.  Maybe there will be snow left there!  (Unlikely, but I can still hope.)

Here's one final parting shot of the lovely snow:  (I really like snow.  Can you tell?)