Saturday, January 23, 2016

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I love snow.  I really love snow.  It's pretty and cold and North Carolina tends to freak out about any little bit of snow, so classes are almost guaranteed to be cancelled.  While I know some people don't like the fact everything shuts down, I was more than happy to get the email Thursday afternoon that all Friday classes were cancelled.  I stocked up on Girl Scout cookies, peanut butter, grabbed some bananas and apples from the dining hall (all the essentials), and settled in for a snowy weekend.

The view from my dorm room.
 Mostly I've been watching Netflix (I've been rewatching Poirot and Criminal Minds with a little X-Files thrown in for good measure) and trying to write a poem to turn in for class on Tuesday.  I made the trek to the dining hall Friday night (my dorm is literally the closest dorm to a dining hall on campus--I can see it from my room) and honestly found the most difficult place to walk was the outdoor hallway at my dorm.  It was a thousand times more slippery than the actual ground.

 Today my friend and I decided to try our luck at a snowball fight and making snowmen.  Unfortunately, the snow is mostly frozen and we found both goals pretty much impossible.  It looked pretty, though.  Basically we just decided to take artsy-ish pictures instead.

Eventually we just sat down on the basketball court and lounged in the snow for a bit.

My feet are ginormous.

The snow was actually pretty comfy, even if we were both kind of stuck to it when we tried to get up.

This scarf is super soft.
Also this weekend I finally listened to the Hamilton soundtrack and am now low-key obsessed.  My plan for the rest of the weekend is basically to listen to it on repeat while drinking lots of tea and hoping classes are cancelled on Monday too.

I hope everyone is cozy and warm this weekend!