Saturday, January 23, 2016

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I love snow.  I really love snow.  It's pretty and cold and North Carolina tends to freak out about any little bit of snow, so classes are almost guaranteed to be cancelled.  While I know some people don't like the fact everything shuts down, I was more than happy to get the email Thursday afternoon that all Friday classes were cancelled.  I stocked up on Girl Scout cookies, peanut butter, grabbed some bananas and apples from the dining hall (all the essentials), and settled in for a snowy weekend.

The view from my dorm room.
 Mostly I've been watching Netflix (I've been rewatching Poirot and Criminal Minds with a little X-Files thrown in for good measure) and trying to write a poem to turn in for class on Tuesday.  I made the trek to the dining hall Friday night (my dorm is literally the closest dorm to a dining hall on campus--I can see it from my room) and honestly found the most difficult place to walk was the outdoor hallway at my dorm.  It was a thousand times more slippery than the actual ground.

 Today my friend and I decided to try our luck at a snowball fight and making snowmen.  Unfortunately, the snow is mostly frozen and we found both goals pretty much impossible.  It looked pretty, though.  Basically we just decided to take artsy-ish pictures instead.

Eventually we just sat down on the basketball court and lounged in the snow for a bit.

My feet are ginormous.

The snow was actually pretty comfy, even if we were both kind of stuck to it when we tried to get up.

This scarf is super soft.
Also this weekend I finally listened to the Hamilton soundtrack and am now low-key obsessed.  My plan for the rest of the weekend is basically to listen to it on repeat while drinking lots of tea and hoping classes are cancelled on Monday too.

I hope everyone is cozy and warm this weekend!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

This is Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone!  I happen to love Halloween, so I'm excited.  I decided to go as Agent Peggy Carter, the greatest superhero ever.

My hair was curlier and more accurate earlier, but it kind of deflated.

I put this together with items I already had in my closet, featuring this amazing vintage RAF jacket I got from Brick Lane in London.  I don't wear it near as much as I should, but it's perfect for my Peggy Carter look.

I tried some pics without the glasses, but everything was fuzzy.
Obligatory mirror selfie.
Peggy Carter is my hero, and Agent Carter is almost everything I've ever wanted in a TV show.  This was a kind of randomly thrown together costume, but I think it gets the point across.  I was pleased, at least.

My friend and I had tea and an antiquing adventure and then I went to see the free showing of A Nightmare on Elm Street at the union.  Now I think I'll chill with some candy and Halloween movies, because I'm the most exciting college kid ever.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Story of My Life (since my last post, at least)

So . . . it's been a while.  I kind of forgot I had a blog.  Though I'm pretty sure no one actually reads this blog except my mom (hi, Mom!) so my year and a half hiatus will probably not matter much.  Oh well.  Actually, some really exciting stuff happened in those nearly two years.

I went on an awesome trip to England with my parents.  It was a graduation present and included half a week in London and half in the countryside.

I graduated high school, which was weird and crazy and didn't actually feel real until . . .

. . . I started college, which was even weirder and crazier.

Yeah, not a great picture.
Nothing more fun than a month full of papers.
I finally found my name on a bottle of Coke.

It was an important moment in my life.
 I went on a trip to San Francisco with my extended family.  I don't get to see them all that often, so it was really nice to spend time with them.

Mom's phone got stuck on a filter without her noticing.

I participated in GISHWHES.

We threw a conspiracy theory party, complete with tinfoil hats and suspicious guests.

We attended Death's funeral.

We showed off our team's lovely mustaches (with some last minute additions).
I emulated June Cleaver while vacuuming the lawn.

I started my second year of college.

That vent next to my head is really annoying.

I turned 20 (and celebrated at the fair).  Actually, I had a folklore project involving fieldwork at the fair, so it wasn't entirely just to celebrate my birthday.

Sarah and I decided to instagram absolutely everything we did at the fair.

And that's a summary of the most exciting things that have happened in the past two or so years.  Also worth noting, though lacking pictures, I became obsessed with several new (to me) fandoms (most significantly Welcome to Night Vale and Marvel, because Peggy Carter is the perfect human being), began writing (and reading) more poetry, and still haven't finished any of my three ongoing novels.

So I hope to actually keep up with this blog from now on, which might or might not actually happen.  We'll see how it goes.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Snow day again!  We've had more snow in the past two days than we've had in the past few years combined.

On Wednesday we went sledding, with much more success than the last time it snowed.

We had great fun, but were all completely frozen by the time we got back.  Yesterday, Violette and I headed over to Nana's house (as it's just across the street, we can easily walk there) to make strawberry scones and delicious chocolate bark full of nuts and fruit and coconut and other yummy goodness.

Nana's house.  (Also, Papa is a mechanic, which is why there are so many cars everywhere.)
Me trying my hand at some artsy photography.

More attempts to be artsy.

Today we went back over to Nana's to finish up the chocolate bark and parcel it out into Valentines for everyone.  Sadly, all the snow has started melting and turning to slush, making the walk over today much less pretty than yesterday.  It's actually pretty warm out today.  I'm not really a fan of warm.

The weather recently, while fun, did mean that the Model UN conference I've been looking forward to got cancelled.  No school, but no conference either.  Boo.  Instead I've been watching Psych and knitting (in addition to my sledding adventures and baking fun).

I wish the snow had lasted longer.  Oh well.  On Sunday we'll be heading down to see Sarah for a very late Christmas celebration with my Aunt and Uncle.  Maybe there will be snow left there!  (Unlikely, but I can still hope.)

Here's one final parting shot of the lovely snow:  (I really like snow.  Can you tell?)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day!

Where I live, we don't get snow all that often.  In fact, we usually get maybe one good snow day a year, if that.  So when we do get snow, we try to pack in all the snow day activities we can.

Unfortunately, the snow was too powdery to be able to have a snowball fight or build a snowman, not that we didn't try anyways.  Violette and I ended up having a "snow confetti" fight, in which we just threw handfuls of powdery snow in the general direction of the other.

One activity we were determined to get to was sledding.  And when I say determined, I mean determined.

 We walked over to the biggest sleddable hill near us and started sledding!  Or, rather, attempting to sled.

Sam, that's not how we take pictures.

Thanks for the help, Violette.
After our first attempts down the hill, we tore up the inflatable sled on some rocks (it's not very deep snow).  That wasn't going to stop us!  We duct-taped it and pumped it up again, ready for the next attempt.  Let's call this strategy Plan A.
Plan A is a go.

Don't be fooled.  We're not actually moving.

Plan A failed.
Next up was Plan B. 
Plan B involved Sam trying to sled in the wheel-less wheelbarrow. 
Plan B failed.

Next I tried Plan C, which involved a little kiddy-sled.

Needless to say, Plan C failed.

Plan D was Sam trying to roll down the hill.

Plan D failed when Sam rolled into the ditch.

Plan E was once again my idea.  I refused to be bested by the kiddy-sled, so I got in again and told Sam to pull me down the hill.

Onward, noble steed!
Plan E also failed, although not pictured.

Plan F was pretty much the same, but Violette was in the kiddy-sled this time.

This one looked pretty promising, but did, ultimately, fail.

Plan G was Sam in the kiddy-sled and it failed before it even started.  But then he got an idea.  An awful idea.  The Sam got a wonderful, awful idea!

And thus, Plan H (inchworm down the hill) was born!

As you can imagine, Plan H failed pretty spectacularly, at which point Sam gave up and started making muddy snow angels instead.

We headed back to the house, where I decided to join in on the snow angel making, as I was already covered in snow. 

Sam apparently forgot how to snow angel.

Sam, that is not how you snow angel.
We all then went back inside for hot chocolate.  We never really succeeded at sledding, but at least we put in a valiant effort!