Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day!

Where I live, we don't get snow all that often.  In fact, we usually get maybe one good snow day a year, if that.  So when we do get snow, we try to pack in all the snow day activities we can.

Unfortunately, the snow was too powdery to be able to have a snowball fight or build a snowman, not that we didn't try anyways.  Violette and I ended up having a "snow confetti" fight, in which we just threw handfuls of powdery snow in the general direction of the other.

One activity we were determined to get to was sledding.  And when I say determined, I mean determined.

 We walked over to the biggest sleddable hill near us and started sledding!  Or, rather, attempting to sled.

Sam, that's not how we take pictures.

Thanks for the help, Violette.
After our first attempts down the hill, we tore up the inflatable sled on some rocks (it's not very deep snow).  That wasn't going to stop us!  We duct-taped it and pumped it up again, ready for the next attempt.  Let's call this strategy Plan A.
Plan A is a go.

Don't be fooled.  We're not actually moving.

Plan A failed.
Next up was Plan B. 
Plan B involved Sam trying to sled in the wheel-less wheelbarrow. 
Plan B failed.

Next I tried Plan C, which involved a little kiddy-sled.

Needless to say, Plan C failed.

Plan D was Sam trying to roll down the hill.

Plan D failed when Sam rolled into the ditch.

Plan E was once again my idea.  I refused to be bested by the kiddy-sled, so I got in again and told Sam to pull me down the hill.

Onward, noble steed!
Plan E also failed, although not pictured.

Plan F was pretty much the same, but Violette was in the kiddy-sled this time.

This one looked pretty promising, but did, ultimately, fail.

Plan G was Sam in the kiddy-sled and it failed before it even started.  But then he got an idea.  An awful idea.  The Sam got a wonderful, awful idea!

And thus, Plan H (inchworm down the hill) was born!

As you can imagine, Plan H failed pretty spectacularly, at which point Sam gave up and started making muddy snow angels instead.

We headed back to the house, where I decided to join in on the snow angel making, as I was already covered in snow. 

Sam apparently forgot how to snow angel.

Sam, that is not how you snow angel.
We all then went back inside for hot chocolate.  We never really succeeded at sledding, but at least we put in a valiant effort!

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