Friday, September 13, 2013

My Not-so-Adventurous Month

Today (actually several weeks ago now, because I forgot to post this) was one of the best school days of the year: second Friday!  My school, which is the most awesome high school ever, has this tradition that on the second Friday of the school year, we get out early, everyone floods to the picnic tables outside where pizza is sold for a dollar a slice and there are coolers of free soda.  All the clubs set up booths and people wander around, collecting free candy and sometimes baked goods and signing up for more clubs than you can possibly attend.

I think I signed up for more clubs than last year, and I'm really hoping I'll have time to attend them.  I signed up for French Club, German Club, Japanese Club, Indian Culture Club, Drama Club, Photography Club, Your Name Your Story, Model UN, and Student Legislative Assembly.  Most of the clubs meet at lunch, so it's easy(ish) to be part of lots of them.  I was actually Vice President of French Club last year, but I decided I'd rather not do it again.

In other fun news, I got my new backpack!  It's pretty awesome, and actually fits all my stuff!  This means I can stop using the lime green monstrosity I've had since third grade or something.

It's a little darker in real life, but it has the most adorable red striped lining!
Also worth reporting is the wonderful time I had at my friend's tea party last Sunday.  There was lots of delicious snacks, several types of tea, and, of course, delightful company.  (And a ridiculous amount of mosquitoes as well.)

Credit for this lovely photo goes to my friend's mom, who is wonderfully artistic.

School, despite it only being a month in, is already crazy and hectic.  I'm losing hope of ever getting a full night of sleep this school year.  My classes are really pretty hard and require a ton of homework.  It's stressful, to say the least.  But I'm sure I'll get in the swing of things eventually and it will get easier.  (This is such optimistic thinking I'm having trouble even typing it.)

School has kind of taken over, so I really haven't done anything exciting since mid-August.  The most interesting thing I've done is spontaneously go to Fresh Market with my friend.  We have, however, decided that we should visit the tea room and possibly have picnics dressed up in Victorian clothing, complete with parasols, so maybe I'll have something interesting to report soon.

I did get a fun and artistic picture of the Elderflower Lemonade Eleanore and I found.  It was actually quite good, and the bottle is adorable.

I hope that all of you in school are having a better time of it than I am.  Oh, well.  At least I get to see my friends on a regular basis.  (And, despite my complaints, I really do enjoy most of my classes and find them interesting and fun; they're just a lot of work.)

Also, happy Friday the 13th!  I actually get really excited when we have Friday the 13ths.  I'm convinced the reason we've had so many of them this year is because, for one thing, it's 2013, and also because the world was apparently supposed to end last year, so this year isn't supposed to happen and is therefore unlucky.

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