Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Story of My Life (since my last post, at least)

So . . . it's been a while.  I kind of forgot I had a blog.  Though I'm pretty sure no one actually reads this blog except my mom (hi, Mom!) so my year and a half hiatus will probably not matter much.  Oh well.  Actually, some really exciting stuff happened in those nearly two years.

I went on an awesome trip to England with my parents.  It was a graduation present and included half a week in London and half in the countryside.

I graduated high school, which was weird and crazy and didn't actually feel real until . . .

. . . I started college, which was even weirder and crazier.

Yeah, not a great picture.
Nothing more fun than a month full of papers.
I finally found my name on a bottle of Coke.

It was an important moment in my life.
 I went on a trip to San Francisco with my extended family.  I don't get to see them all that often, so it was really nice to spend time with them.

Mom's phone got stuck on a filter without her noticing.

I participated in GISHWHES.

We threw a conspiracy theory party, complete with tinfoil hats and suspicious guests.

We attended Death's funeral.

We showed off our team's lovely mustaches (with some last minute additions).
I emulated June Cleaver while vacuuming the lawn.

I started my second year of college.

That vent next to my head is really annoying.

I turned 20 (and celebrated at the fair).  Actually, I had a folklore project involving fieldwork at the fair, so it wasn't entirely just to celebrate my birthday.

Sarah and I decided to instagram absolutely everything we did at the fair.

And that's a summary of the most exciting things that have happened in the past two or so years.  Also worth noting, though lacking pictures, I became obsessed with several new (to me) fandoms (most significantly Welcome to Night Vale and Marvel, because Peggy Carter is the perfect human being), began writing (and reading) more poetry, and still haven't finished any of my three ongoing novels.

So I hope to actually keep up with this blog from now on, which might or might not actually happen.  We'll see how it goes.

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