Saturday, October 31, 2015

This is Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone!  I happen to love Halloween, so I'm excited.  I decided to go as Agent Peggy Carter, the greatest superhero ever.

My hair was curlier and more accurate earlier, but it kind of deflated.

I put this together with items I already had in my closet, featuring this amazing vintage RAF jacket I got from Brick Lane in London.  I don't wear it near as much as I should, but it's perfect for my Peggy Carter look.

I tried some pics without the glasses, but everything was fuzzy.
Obligatory mirror selfie.
Peggy Carter is my hero, and Agent Carter is almost everything I've ever wanted in a TV show.  This was a kind of randomly thrown together costume, but I think it gets the point across.  I was pleased, at least.

My friend and I had tea and an antiquing adventure and then I went to see the free showing of A Nightmare on Elm Street at the union.  Now I think I'll chill with some candy and Halloween movies, because I'm the most exciting college kid ever.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween!

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