Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy St. Audrey Day!

Guess what today is!  It's St. Audrey Day!  This isn't quite so significant in the US, but in France at least, your saint day is kind of like your second birthday.  I had no idea there even was a St. Audrey until one year I was in France with my grandparents and their friends surprised me with a cake on St. Audrey Day.  I'm not actually doing anything exciting for St. Audrey Day (I'm basically just drinking tea and watching X-Files), so I'll tell you about my more exciting time yesterday.

Big Sis and Olivia

Yesterday I went to a graduation party for a very wonderful person, Olivia, who I've known pretty much my entire life.  I had a wonderful time hanging out with some of my very favorite people all evening.  There were many laughs and much random dancing and singing.

My friend, who has elected to be called Tallulah, and I can never be serious in pictures.
Actually, none of us can ever be serious in pictures.

Frisbee Golf in the rain!

Funny faces are half the fun!

Sam's Frisbee throwing skills are greatly in doubt.
We all had lots of fun despite the rainy weather.  And, of course, the food was all delicious, home-cooked goodness.  Unfortunately, my parents couldn't come because my little sister was sick. 

As usual, at some point my phone disappeared and I got it back a while later with lots of selfies of Tallulah making funny faces.  I've decided that I should start compiling my favorites in preparation for Tallulah's graduation party in a few years.  She's probably got a good number of funny pictures of me, too.

Sam moseying along in the rain.  We all stayed resolutely on the cabin porch when the downpour started, until they announced there was food, at which point Tallulah decided we should brave the rain as nothing would keep her from the food.
Is there anything better than spending an evening with friends?  And I have the great luck to be friends with some of the most amusing people in the world.  My siblings are also amusing, so we all have great fun together.

I hope you all have a fabulous St. Audrey Day, whether or not your name is Audrey. 

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